FlexJobs Review: how To find legit Remote jobs

having the option to work remotely for a company is one of the great benefits of the internet. But, on the flip-side, one of the downsides of the Internet is the online scams. And, if you’re new to online job search boards, you probably aren’t sure which web sites are legit, and as a result could be a lot more prone to rip-off jobs.

So, how do you sort through all of the online postings to find legit online work? 

In this post, I’m going to review FlexJobs, which is one of the top web sites for finding remote work. We’ve recently partnered up with them and are ecstatic to share this FlexJobs review with you.

We’re all about flexibility with our travel blogging job, and love the freedom that working from anywhere in the world has supplied us — and we want that for you, too!

In this FlexJobs review, I’ll list some of the current jobs postings, how to sign up, what to expect after you’ve signed up, the perks, the costs, pros & cons, and success stories from people who have found jobs.   

If you’re interested in having a a lot more enjoyable, flexible career, read on for my FlexJobs review.

What Is FlexJobs? Is It Legit?

First things first, FlexJobs is not a scam. 

FlexJobs is currently one of the top (if not the top) web site for finding full-time remote work, part-time remote jobs, and in some cases, freelance work. The company has been around considering that 2007 and all of the employees work remotely. Sarah (the founder) practices what she preaches.

There are a lot more than 30,000 jobs provided with over 5,000 different companies, in 50+ occupation categories. FlexJobs has a 5 star, A+ rating on the better service Bureau, and they’ve been featured on web sites such as Forbes, CNBC, Time, NBC and Inc. 

Adding to their legitimacy, the FlexJobs team hand screens each and every job posting, ensuring no spammy jobs are provided on their site…which is always a good thing. On your search for jobs, you’ll find postings in event planning, marketing, translation, project management, sales, retail, engineering, legal, and more. 

Ready for a a lot more flexible career? sign up with FlexJobs here. use code NOMAD at check-out to receive 30% off the membership fee for the first month.

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Who is FlexJobs For?

FlexJobs is for any individual who wants a better work / life balance, while making money remotely (whether to supplement your current income, or as a full-time job). 

FlexJobs is for any individual who wants to find well-paying jobs that they can do from home, a co-working space, or a cafe…anywhere in the world.

Many of the positions available on FlexJobs are for those who are legally able to work in the United States, and are currently living there. However, you could work for a company in Chicago, but be living in new York.

Some of the jobs have location requirements, which is due to a few reasons. One reason is the companies like their employees to be in a similar (or exact) time zone as them, or you might be required to attend meetings every so often.

Having said that, there are numerous positions available where the employer doesn’t care where you’re working from, as long as tasks are completed on time. 

There are also lots of international jobs available. find remote positions in Mexico, the United Kingdom, Japan, Poland, Germany, India, Canada, Australia and more. Click here to find international remote jobs on the flex jobs platform. 

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Dostępne prace

As I said above, there are careers available in over 50 categories, so finding a job that suits your needs and skill-set shouldn’t be a problem. some of the jobs require you to have “X” amount of years experience, some require a bachelor’s degree in the subject, while others don’t list the needed qualifications. 

There are so lots of options available at the moment — I can’t list them all in this FlexJobs review. click on the occupation categories below to see some of the most current, remote work available:

Accounting, Engineer, Sales, Marketing, Food & Beverage, Advertising & PR, Legal Jobs, Event Planning, Travel & Hospitality, or See All Categories.

One of the jobs available with FlexJobs

There’s a beneficial feature on the site that allows you to really zero in on the type of job and schedule you’re looking for. With the advanced Search, you add in the location you want to work in, the job type, occupation level (management, entry-level, etc.), the work schedule you prefer, how remote you want to be, and more. 

The advanced search feature is really usefulExtra perks of FlexJobs

On top of showing you the best remote jobs available, you’ll also receive some other complimentary perks when you sign up with FlexJobs. 

Members receive discounts on many products — Dell, prosper Market, white wine delivery, Costco, and more. plus there are many resources available to you including occupation coaching, checklists, help with writing resumes, skill tests, webinars & videos, etc.

If you’re stuck and need help with anything, you can speak with a representative support member from the USA. 

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The sign Up process and Costs

Some people are hesitant to pay a fee in buy to find work. but the reality is, considering that there are many online job boards out there (many of which are filled with sub-par gigs), paying a small monthly fee to have the best, a lot of legit jobs all in one place is worth it. 

Basically, you’re paying for convenience, quality and security.   

Once you’ve made a decision to give FlexJobs a try, signing up is simple.

You add all of the standard information including your name, billing address and email address. After that, you can add which sort of jobs you are looking for, and whether or not you want full-time remote, part-time remote, a flexible schedule, etc. 

From there, you choose the subscription that works best for you.

FlexJobs uses 1 year plans, 3 month plans and a 1 month plan as well. If you use discount code NOMAD, you’ll receive 30% off of the membership fee for the first month. There’s also a full money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied.  

After you’ve chosen the best plan for you, simply add your credit scores card details and you’re good to go. If you want to cancel after one month, that’s not a problem. Click here to take a excursion of FlexJobs and see if it’s ideal for you. 

What Are Some FlexJobs Success Stories?

If you’re wondering if any individual has landed a job using FlexJobs, the answer is yes!

There are way too lots of success stories to list in this FlexJobs review. There are literally thousands of testimonials on the web site from real people who have found remote, flexible careers to suit their skills. 

From just the first page of testimonials, you’ll see people who have found jobs as a teacher, virtual assistant, travel consultant, senior safety intelligence advisor, technical support agent, staff accountant, lab support, project manager and social media evaluator. lots of of these jobs were with well-established (and well-known) companies as well. 

Many of the success stories are from the United States, but there are many others on the FlexJobs site from those who were hired in India, Slovenia, Mexico, England, Japan, Philippines, Germany, Ireland and lots of more. 

Pros & Cons of FlexJobs

There are many pros to utilizing FlexJobs, but with anything, there are some downsides as well. 

FlexJobs Review: The Pros

Praca w domu

Praca za granicą

Create a flexible schedule that works for you

Find full-time, or part-time work

Established companies 

Jobs are hand-screened

The advanced job search feature is very useful

A large variety of occupation categories 

The fee is quite low

Highly rated on BBB

Extra perks and resources for your use

FlexJobs Review: The Cons

The web site isn’t very “clean” and seems cluttered – could absolutely make with a redesign

It’s not complimentary (but, we’ve explained why)

Most of the jobs are available in the USA 

Ready To start Your flexible Career?

These days, work doesn’t need to be in a certain place. take pleasure in the freedom that FlexJobs supplies and start working on your terms. On top of being able to work in your PJ’s, there are many health, financial and relationship benefits to remote work.

Trade in your long commutes to the office and getting ready in the morning, for working from home while enjoying a better work-life balance. ready to learn a lot more about FlexJobs? Kliknij tutaj.

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